“There are no adequate words to express our gratitude for how much you have impacted our life. Some people come into your life for only a short time but make an incredible difference.  When we started with you in January 2018 we had so much anxiety about what Hadley’s and our family’s future would look like and you have allowed us so much peace due to the incredible progress you have helped our girl make! Hadley is now a different child. You gave her a voice and helped her let her BIG personality shine! I had worried about her ability to make friends, participate in school and desired to hear her & her brother chit chat in the car & develop a sibling bond. Now, Hadley can do all of these things and we can welcome Charlotte to our family. Your dedication to your profession is evident. While I am happy that this season is over (for now) we will always consider you as one of our greatest blessings. I know our speech journey isn’t over but thanks for getting us to this point.  And of course, thank you for allowing me to question why I ever wanted her to learn how to talk?!? They always say be careful what you wish for! For us, it is truly a great joy though!”

“Laura is such an amazing Speech Therapist. When we first started with her almost a year ago now our little girl was not talking at all. I mean she was constantly crying and other speech therapy services were getting us no where. Within months of being with Laura she started making sounds and today is talking in sentences. Laura has truly changed the life our our daughter and family forever. No words can ever express honestly how grateful we are for having met Laura. We LOVE her!!” 

“Miss Laura is nothing short of amazing! She has worked with both of my boys and we have had great success with her as our SLP. She is truly fantastic at what she does! I can’t recommend her enough!”

“Ms. Laura has been a blessing to our family. My two and a half year old son has been very slow to verbally communicate, especially in relation to my older son. I grew concerned and started taking my son to Ms. Laura about a half a year ago. He loves her and truly enjoys his time working with her. She also noticed medical concerns that we had never considered and that were not seen by our pediatrician nor lactation consultant when my son was younger and nursing. My son had a lip tie and tongue tie which were causing some delays in speaking and eating certain foods, and very enlarged tonsils also making swallowing of certain foods difficult and possible obstructive sleep apnea causing night wakings. After Ms. Laura’s suggestion of urgency to have our ENT take a further look, all those issues were surgically rectified quite quickly. We had dismissed some of his issues, as perhaps other parents may with a second or successive child with night wakings, delayed speech, not eating as much as ‘normal’ etc. But with Laura’s expertise in feeding and speech therapy, she pointed out the concerns regarding these issues as she started working more with our son and built her rapport of trust with him so that she could examine him further. We are so thankful she was aware of these medical concerns as well as her continued work with him regarding speech therapy and helping our family with his expressive communication. I highly recommend her to anyone needing a new speech therapist or someone investigating whether speech, language or feeding therapies are a need for your family. Additionally, meeting at her home is very convenient for regular appointments, parking, and the kids. It’s a drive across town for us but well worth it! Oh! And she accepts our medical insurance! 5 Stars for Ms. Laura!”

“Laura is the absolute BEST!! I can not say enough great things about her. My daughter absolutely loves her speech therapy time with Mrs. Laura. Laura has been amazingly helpful with my daughter and has helped her to progress more than any other therapist we have seen.”

“Ms. Laura has been a godsend for us. My two-year-old daughter has some unusual speech and language delays, and possible autism or developmental issues, and normal speech therapy was not helping her. In looking for more help online, I stumbled across an acclaimed doctor in the field who was kind enough to listen to our story and then recommended Ms. Laura to us. We are so grateful she did!! Ms. Laura approaches our daughter’s therapy in a holistic way, rather than focusing only on her articulation – she has her working on receptive language one minute, feeding issues the next, articulation the next, and then turns around to teach ME about how to handle a tantrum (difficult without language to help!) or explain the reasoning behind something she just did or said. She also referred us to several other doctors and therapists in order to get into every possible aspect of our daughter’s problem, so that we have now narrowed down the issues and are going to occupational therapy as well. My daughter is finally making progress, and LOVES Ms. Laura – all of her therapy comes in the form of games and Ms. Laura’s sweet, enthusiastic, fun interactions, which the kiddos love, but you can also tell are all carefully chosen to have the desired therapeutic effect. She is simply amazing, and we don’t know where we’d be without her!”

“Laura is one of the best speech pathologists I have ever met!  Not only has she helped me with my disabilities, but also gave me the confidence to speak, and be personal with anyone!”

“We have noticed a significant improvement in our son’s speech in the 3 months that we have been seeing Ms. Laura. She built an instant rapport with our son and he truly enjoys going to his lessons. Laura takes the time during the lesson to not only educate our son but also to educate us. She provides us with tools and activities that allow us to continue practicing at home and reaffirm what he learned during his lesson.”

“I cannot reiterate enough what a blessing Mrs. Laura has been to our family.  We have been in therapy with her for the last four years.  My son had delays in language early in his development. Mrs. Laura has not only given my son an extensive vocabulary, but she also makes the exercises fun and enjoyable for him to stay focused and learning.  Mrs. Laura is very knowledgable in her field and has been able to fine tune our sessions to treat different aspects of my son’s speech struggles. She encourages the parent in the session with her and the child.  As the parent, I find this aspect the most rewarding.  I’m able to duplicate her teachings at home and the consistency makes all your efforts rewarding.  Your child will gain the skill set to conquer whatever speech and language barrier they may struggle with and have a cheerleader along the way named Mrs.Laura!  We will be forever grateful for all she has done and is still doing for our son!  I highly recommend Mrs. Laura and stand by her skills set whole heartedly!”

“Laura is the most compassionate and caring speech therapist. She truly has a passion and a gift for this. I wouldn’t trust our daughter with anyone else! She is one of a kind!”

“Laura has been an immense blessing to our family. Our son has made tremendous progress over this past year as a result of her expertise. He has gone from only being able to say the first sound of a few words to speaking in sentences. Laura is extremely professional, highly knowledgeable of her field, and just a delight to work with. She has equipped our whole family with the knowledge and tools needed to help our son find his voice and continue to develop it to its full potential. We couldn’t be more grateful to have found her!”

“Laura has helped my son significantly with his speech and confidence! She has also taken the time to educate me as a parent and talk me through any questions I have had. Her strategies are very kid-friendly yet firm and consistent. I highly recommend Bloom!”

“My little girl has been seeing Ms. Laura for a month now and the progress is just amazing. As an early childhood specialist, I am very impressed with Ms. Laura’s ability to work with my super independent toddler. She is so quick to incorporate what my child is doing into meaningful speech work. We all love going to speech! I highly recommend Ms. Laura – especially for anyone with a tough diagnosis.”

“Laura was such an incredible help to our youngest. She worked so well with him, and was kind, fun, and compassionate. We watched his confidence increase after just a few weeks. After just 6 months, you wouldn’t have know he ever had a speech issue. We really loved working with Laura. And we owe her a huge thank you!”

“My daughter has been in speech therapy for many years but has just started making real progress since she started seeing Ms. Laura. Ms. Laura is extremely knowledgeable and has the perfect personality for working with children. She has always been very accommodating and flexible if something comes up and we need to reschedule. Ms. Laura has been such a blessing!”

“Laura Friedman is an amazing SLP!! My daughter looks forward to seeing her every week. She is such a kind and caring person, all the while pushing my child to the best of her ability. She’s a true gem, and I’m so happy we found her. I highly recommend Laura!”

“Mrs. Friedman is amazing…We feel blessed that she’s been working with our daughter. Seeing her speech improvement is the best gift and we owe it to Laura…Thank you Laura.”

“Laura was the first SLP that worked with our daughter who had a phonological delay and articulation disorder. She is easy to work with and our daughter really enjoyed working with “Miss Laura.” We think highly of Laura and attribute much of the success of our daughter’s progress to Laura’s talent.”

“Today, on the way home from you, M talked to herself for the entire drive. She pretended to be other people and had a play conversation. It would have cracked you up to here her doing the voices of Nana, Papa, Mommy, and M. I’ve waited such a long time to hear her little voice – she never babbled at all. It was amazing and we all think you are an incredible blessing.”

“I wanted to take a minute to let you know just how happy I am that I found you.  My only regret is that I didn’t find you sooner!  Will asked if he could read out loud to me last night just before bed so he could practice his speech some more and as I laid there listening to him I had tears in my eyes. Just the fact that he chose to read out loud on his own is huge.  He typically won’t offer do that because he is so self conscious of his speech, even just in front of me. Over the years his self esteem has taken a pretty big hit due to the fact that he’s short for his age and then again with this lingering speech issue. To see him gaining confidence in his daily life – and to hear him tell me that he will now say the words “squirrel”, “girl”, “world” and his own last name in front of his classmates means everything to me.  Before you, he used synonyms when he had to say any of those words and would tear up when he had to pronounce his last name several times because the teacher couldn’t understand him.  This past Monday on the first day of school, he came home and said “I was able to tell the teacher my last name!” I honestly don’t have words to explain what you’ve done for him and I’m not sure you fully understand the impact that you are having on all of your clients.  It’s not just a matter of you simply correcting Will’s speech, you’re helping form him into a more confident kid, which will translate into his teenage years and also adulthood, which will positively affect his relationships and future marriage.   I consider this a lifelong boost that you’re giving him and I wanted you to know how special that is. So on the days when work seems like a chore, (because I know we all have those days!) just remember that you are the light at the end of a very long tunnel for kids like Will and for Mom’s like me.”

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